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Jonathan's Latest Podcasts

Jonathan Stutz and Eddie Pate  – “Daily Practices of Inclusive Leaders: A Guide to Building a Culture of Belonging”

Book launch interview with Eddie Pate and Jonathan Stutz for the new book “Daily Practices of Inclusive Leaders: A Guide to Building a Culture of Belonging”

The Power of Inclusive Leadership: A Discussion with the Authors of “Daily Practices of Inclusive Leaders”

In this episode, host Kevin P. Henry engages Eddie and Jonathan in a dynamic discussion about their book and the principles of inclusive leadership it explores.

Microsoft’s “Alumni on the Issues” with Jonathan and Eddie Pate

Jonathan and Eddie Pate, both ID&E experts and Microsoft alums, discuss how to take inclusion and diversity beyond company walls to make an impact at the community level. They give practical advice for how to tackle systematic issues.


“Building Bridges to a Better Cultural Intelligence” (3-Part Series)

In Segment #1 we explore the questions:
  • What are the typical duties and responsibilities of the Chief Diversity Officer?
  • What are the real working world ground conditions like right now in the US?
  • How are businesses trying to reengage in the marketplace?
In Segment #2 we explore the questions:
  • How has communication and connectivity for American business professionals been impacted by the pandemic?
  • What new challenges do business professionals now face in working across cultures?
  • How can they overcome these challenges and forge deeper and more meaningful business relationships and connections?
In Segment #3 we explore the questions:
  • What impact does Cancel Culture have on American businesses with a global reach?
  • Will American companies seek to export this cultural civil war to the rest of the world?
  • Has Cancel Culture already ‘cancelled’ cultural intelligence?
  • How can American and European business professionals continue to build bridges to a deeper awareness and understanding of each other in the wake of a global pandemic?
  • How can they overcome the barriers of intolerance that Cancel Culture encourages?